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Las Vegas Real Estate Market Trends – Week of 7/2

Earlier in the month, a Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that Las Vegas might get back to its pre-recession price. The median price of a house decreased during June. Moreover, market inventory has increased since the beginning of June. The...

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4 Desert Landscaping Tips in Las Vegas

You finally did it! First, you learned what it took to get a mortgage, then you saved up and bought that house. Everything seems fine, but there are still some tasks that need your attention. One of the tasks happens to be keeping your fron...

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Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas During the 4th of July

Independence Day is coming up! For many, 4th of July brings thoughts of fireworks, sprinklers, and the flag. There is always some fun activity or event going on in Las Vegas. The key is finding the best one for you. When it comes to celebra...

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Las Vegas Real Estate Market Trends – Week of 6/25

Back in December, predicted that Las Vegas would be one of the top real estate markets of 2018. Our last report took a look at how the market has changed since the beginning of the year. Market inventory has decreased while prices h...

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Las Vegas is the top real estate market

Las Vegas Named Top Housing Market for 2018

Las Vegas has been named the top housing market by! In order to be on the list, the city has a strong economic market and have affordable housing. A good chunk of Las Vegas's economy centers around casino industry. More attempts h...

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Las Vegas Real Estate Market Trends – Week of 6/18

As seen in our last other real estate market reports, the Las Vegas Valley real estate market has been doing extremely well this year. Compared to last week, this week has seen a decrease in the median price and an increase in inventory. We use...

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Desert Gardening 101 in Las Vegas

If you've moved to Las Vegas, you've probably noticed the lack of grass. There is a whole bunch of rocks and some dirt. The dirt is almost as hard as the rocks at here. Even so, if you like the idea of growing your own food, transforming so...

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