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Just Moved to Las Vegas? Here are 4 Activities You Should Try!

One of the most exciting parts of moving to the new city is exploring it. Taking the time to experience your new city is the best way to find your favorite spots. If you’re on a budget, there are still activities you can do that won’t bust your budget. All the activities on this list are budget-friendly.


The Strip

When people talk about Las Vegas, they mostly talking about the Strip. It only spans around 4.2 miles, but it’s what Las Vegas is known for. Going to the Las Vegas Strip is a rite of passage. There are a ton of things to do, so you don’t have to limit yourself. For instance, you could go sightseeing, watch a show, try your luck on one of the slot machines, or go on some rides.  


Fun Runs

Fun runs are excellent for getting healthy and having fun. It’s also great for seeing new parts of your city. Year round, fun runs happen throughout Las Vegas. If you want to participate in the larger fun runs, Fall is the best time. During the Fall, three major fun runs take place. These are the Rock N’ Roll fun run, Color fun run, and Bubble Run.

One of the parts of fun runs is how fun they are alone and with other people. When you’re alone, you can run at your own pace, and you don’t feel so out of place. On the other hand, running with friends is fun because you run together and laugh out the fun elements of the run such as bubbles everywhere or rock music playing. 



Festivals are lively and a lot of fun. You can invite people you know, and turn it into a group activity or you can go it alone. Festivals happen year round, and there are different types of festivals. The festivals range from music to films.

There seem to be more music festivals than other types of festivals, but there is still plenty of choices. Last June, there was also a small comic book festival. Most of the festivals are on a smaller scale, which means that you’ll be able to explore the area around you and check out everything the festival has to offer.  

A good chunk of these festivals happens off the Las Vegas Strip. This is especially true for the smaller festivals.


Local Restaurants

The stomach is the way to someone’s heart. Las Vegas has a wonderful food scene. There are plenty of local restaurants to grab a bite. Not only is there a ton of great food, but there is a lot of variety as well.

Eating out can do with others or just do by yourself. Since there are a ton of different types of foods out here, you can find anything you want to eat. This is especially wonderful if you want to try new foods. 



Las Vegas has a lot of different activities you can do. As mentioned before, you can go visit the Strip. If you want to do activities off the strip, you can go on fun runs, festivals, or go to local restaurants. Furthermore, smaller events crop up throughout the year, you can participate in. 

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