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Rental Finder Service

Rental Home Search Services
Finding a rental is a frustrating experience, as it’s hard to find good help. We present to you the help you need to find a great place to live and deal with property managers, owners and leasing agents to rent the property. Our step by step process is simple, affordable and provides you professional help in a process that demands it.

  • Submit online to request our services.
  • Pay our retainer for services.
  • Our rental specialist will find you the best options available and schedule a good time to view the properties.
  • With your criteria and choices based off searches of active rental listings, we will contact other property managers, verify the units are still available, guide you through the application process and work to get you in the perfect rental home.
  • We will facilitate submission of your application and negotiate any requirements you might have with the owner.

Our fee schedule is below:

  • Show up to 3 Pre-Determined Properties Only $299
  • Show up to 10 Properties $499
  • Platinum Plan – Show 10 Properties + Consultation + Lease Negotiation $599
  • We find most clients can isolate down to 5 or fewer homes to view by previewing locations ahead of time.