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Buying Or Selling A Home In Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada


We charge a commission (our success fee) for everything we do to sell your home. Our current rate is 3% of the final sales price.  We are currently recommending offering 3% incentive to buyer’s brokers so they don’t prioritize other listings or new construction (where they sometimes pay as much as 5%) over yours.

We want to clarify –  our rate doesn’t just go into your agent’s pocket (and Uncle Sam of course)… we have a full boutique business, staffing and most importantly marketing operation on every home we sell.

  • Our staff’s time
  • Our consulting time
  • Professional photography
  • Virtual tour
  • Youtube video
  • Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • Property-Specific website
  • For Sale sign and flyers
  • Social media campaign via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, targeted in town and potential relocation
  • MLS access and listing to thousands of websites
  • Weekly check-up on vacant properties
  • 5 hours of handyman labor included
  • Dealing with cooperating REALTORS and handling showings
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Coordinating with the home buyer’s lender
  • Coordinating with the escrow/title company
  • Dealing with the HOA as needed to order state-mandated documents
  • Providing state-law required disclosures to help you remain in compliance
  • We meet the buyer’s lender’s appraiser at the home and help guide them as much as we can to bring in the appraisal.  Most agents don’t even talk to the appraiser, who has a huge say on if the purchase price agreed to by the buyer is even possible.
  • Enforcing deadlines in the contract to ensure the buyer and lender are on track to a timely closing.
  • Direct access and accessibility for all clients
  • Access to RE/MAX, the number 1 real estate company in the world, and its thousands of agents worldwide.
  • Of course as you know, all of this is contingent upon selling the house, if we don’t or can’t get the price you want, we would be working for free (and incurring expenses). Which is all part of the deal in our business.
  • We have over 23 years combined experience selling homes, and stay on top of changing market trends and best practices and laws.