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Home Buying 101

1. Lender Purchasing Power Review – Make contact with our lender partner to determine your purchasing power, and/or what to work on to get BUY ready.

2. Getting Ready to Buy – Determine whether you are really ready to purchase a home. Do you have a reliable income, decent credit score, pre-approval, and are committed to staying in one place?

3. Home Buyer Consultation – When you are BUY ready (now or at a future point in time) we will schedule an in-office consultation to discuss the process and what you are looking for.

4. Finding a Home – we use accurate, real-time MLS data to find you properties that meet your needs. Use our RE/MAX mobile app to search for homes anywhere!

5. Negotiating the Purchase – How clean can you make your offer? What’s the seller’s situation? Avoid emotional involvement.

6. Due Diligence – Understanding the inspection and appraisal and why they should be done.

7. Sign Closing Paperwork – All the paperwork is signed. There is a waiting period between signing day and moving day – so use that time to celebrate!

8. Final Closing & Moving Day! – You get your keys and can start moving!

Download our $50 “BUY” Guidebook for free. Fill out this form to request the book, and learn the secrets to buying a home in Southern Nevada…